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Our investment promotion support services are just the prelude to our ultimate goal of helping your region to grow in a viable and sustainable way. How do we identify the services needed by our clients? From prior discussion and agreement with them on the improvements they want to make, the mechanics of achieving them and the method of tracking results achieved. How do we deliver our services? Based on our 20+ years of economic development, business development and investment promotion working with or for economic development agencies (and private sector companies) worldwide.

And we remain proud of our hard-earned reputation for being highly professional, ethical and easy to work with.

Our services include:

Strategy Implementation
Align your activities to achieve better results

From our years of working with IPAs, we understand the difficulty of converting an overarching strategy into effective tactics. We know that beautifully crafted documents and vigorous lead generation mean nothing unless your marketing and business development activities are working together to impact those who are most likely to respond.

We have unique insights into what’s important to investors—and how they want you to market to them—and we can customize a plan for your specific requirements from services such as these:

  • Review of your current strategy implementation plan
  • Identification of obstacles, weaknesses and misalignment
  • Facilitating collaboration among senior management, marketing and business development teams
  • Revision of tactical plans—and getting your teams to commit to them
  • Establishment of clear management metrics to help keep your overall strategy on track
  • Assessment of your current sales process model, with ideas for how to refine it
  • Training in the overall sales process and specific selling skills

Internet Marketing
Extend your reach and build relationships—almost for free!

You have a web site. You publish a newsletter. And you use email to help you stay in touch with clients and prospects. You’ve got it covered, haven’t you?

The answer is probably yes, if:
• Your location comes up on page 1 of a Google search
• You know the search terms investors use when they want information on your region, and
• You are doing something with your email list other than using it to send out your newsletter.

Otherwise, you may be missing out on an enormous opportunity. After all, savvy Internet marketing allows you to extend your reach—almost for free—to as many clients and prospects as you want. And it lets you build the kind of ongoing relationship that keeps you front and center in the minds of your target audience.

Perkins Associates has partnered with a leading U.S. provider of Internet marketing tools and technology to put you on the cutting edge with services that include:

  • Assessment of your current Internet marketing activity
  • Development of an integrated Internet marketing strategy, based on your long-term goals
  • Production of the technical specifications for implementation
  • Implementation of the strategy, tactics and tools you need to be successful
  • Turnkey hosting and maintenance package
  • Training for IT administrators and Marketing and Business Development teams

Investor Management Program
Deliver even better results through our client-retention program

Existing investors are critical to your success. They contribute 60-80% of your annual projects, jobs and capital expenditure, and play a key role in your region’s development because they have to keep reinvesting to remain competitive. They also help you attract new investments, provide opportunities for local businesses and give you valuable, real-world feedback on business conditions.

How are you managing your investors? With our expertise in creating client-retention programs, we can tailor an effective investor management program for you that takes into account many factors, such as the size of your investor base, your operating budget and your long-term goals.

Our services include:

  • Identifying, categorizing and prioritizing your existing investor base
  • Analysis of other public- and private-sector sources of support in your location
  • Creation of a marketing communications strategy, using Internet marketing techniques
  • Development of a contact strategy
  • Formulation of formal Investor Management Program guidelines for use with internal teams and external service providers
  • Investor management skills training, including interviewing techniques, communication, managing expectations, working with direct and indirect partners and managing and tracking activity

Presentation Skills
Convert your proposals and presentations into projects

How much is even one additional project worth to you? Superb proposal and presentation skills are the true differentiator that can tip the scales in your favor when everything else between you and your competitors is equal.

For over 20 years, Derek Perkins, Principal of Perkins Associates, has been creating, honing and delivering winning proposals and presentations to private sector companies. A contest-winning Toastmaster, he has earned the Competent Communicator accreditation and has presented at conferences, seminars and workshops worldwide, including the UK, USA, Japan, France, Bangladesh and the South Pacific.

Let him help you make the difference between a proposal that languishes on a prospect’s desk and one that makes it to the short list, through services that include:

  • Effective proposal writing
  • Development of powerful, customer-focused PowerPoint presentations
  • Presentation skills coaching
  • Speechwriting

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