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To persuade the increasingly sophisticated investor that your location is the right one over dozens of viable options, you need to master essential skills. Through Perkins Associates’ innovative programs, you can differentiate yourself in critical areas of your business, just as these organizations did.

Jordan Investment Board/USAID

Perkins Associates co-produced two training modules for Jordan Investment Board employees under the AMIR I assistance program. The training included:
Hands-on exercises in investment promotion
Investor targeting, and
Other marketing strategies designed to raise market awareness, identify appropriate target companies and deliver high-quality project leads.

General Investment Authority, Yemen/World Bank

Perkins Associates assessed the effectiveness of the promotional activities of Yemen’s economic development and investment promotion agency, the General Investment Authority. As a result, we were able to:
Identify and recommend ways to strengthen the organization
Build its skills
Implement a strategy to enable it to compete more effectively, and
Accelerate the development of its local business base.

UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)

Perkins Associates prepared and presented a report to UNIDO concerning best practice among IPAs worldwide. Our report:
Identified the skills practiced in the most successful regions, to provide a model for IPAs in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, and
Created a blueprint for IPAs in these countries to build their own investment promotion skills and services.

Euromoney Seminars

Perkins Associates was the course leader at a prestigious two-day IPA Management Strategy Course held in London. Sessions were targeted for IPA senior executives and managers and included:
Global FDI trends
Corporate decision-making drivers, and
Organizational best practices.
We also developed and delivered a role play exercise based on a real-life project scenario.

WFIA (West of Holland Investment Agency)

Perkins Associates spearheaded a prospecting project at the SUPERCOMM trade show for WFIA executives. The project was geared to set up leads and pre-agreed meetings. Among our activities were:
Working with the WFIA to established the overall project parameters, and
Developing profiles and lists of target companies.
In the course of the event, we contacted over 100 companies, identified 10 leads and set up 5 company meetings.

Vanuatu Investment Promotion Agency; Investment Promotion Authority, Paupa New Guinea; Fiji Trade & Investment Board/Proinvest-European Union

Perkins Associates embarked on a 10-month project to help 6 Pacific Island countries (Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tuvalu and Kiribati) attract more overseas investments and develop new export markets. In order to assess and recommend sector marketing strategies and improved investment promotion activities, we:
Used research (in Europe and in two separate field visits)
Identified key sectors and export market development for each country
Proposed realistic implementation strategies, and
Presented seminars on the program, as well as findings and recommendations in each country.

Bangladesh Board of Investment/World Bank-DFID

In preparation for determining how to improve the manual process and implement a subsequent online version, Perkins Associates reviewed current processes, materials and IT systems used to register BOI investment projects. As a result, we:
Identified 15 problem areas
Developed a series of 4 steps to improve the process, and
Proposed a streamlined manual process to reduce processing time by 80%.
We also prepared a detailed technical specification for subsequent automation, in line with current IPA best practice.

All recommendations accepted by BOI Board.

Welsh Development Agency

Perkins Associates pioneered the North America Division aftercare program for the Welsh Development Agency by:
Developing a comprehensive contact program with 150 subsidiaries in Wales, their European headquarters and US- and Canada-based parent companies
Coordinating contact and ongoing communication between UK- and US- and Canada-based teams
Preventing one disinvestment, and
Securing multiple major repeat investments, including Ford, 3M and GE Aerospace.

We also established a sales-process methodology for the North America-based team and introduced a complementary computer-based sales management system, based on a design agreed beforehand with the team. The result? 100% utilization.

Copenhagen Capacity

Perkins Associates helped to identify targets, prospects and leads from UK companies with a possible interest in investing in Denmark within a 12-month – 2-year timeframe. In order to accomplish that, we identified opportunities in each of these targeted sectors: pharmaceuticals, biomed, distribution and ICT.

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